About Us

Mr Vijay Goel initiated the project "The Go Greens" to motivate people to conserve energy and make the environment around us green and safe. Through this project he aims to spread awareness regarding the overuse of electricity in our offices, pollution increase, degrading of air quality, etc.

Mr. Goel intends to inspire people for protection of environment through little efforts which may yield great results. As we see many people leave lights, fans and other electrical appliances on unnecessarily even when they are not in use. Burning of waste, cutting of trees, throwing waste here and there, etc. We can protect our environment even by taking small measures such as make sure to switch off appliances not in use, disposing waste appropriately, keeping our surroundings clean, planting trees and taking care of them. We can plant small domestic plants which take less care and less space. Making sure not to waste resources that we have and utilise them carefully.